Travel Documents for Backpacking Around Australia

Travel Documents for Backpacking Around Australia

Your passport and visa are the most important documents you have when you're planning a backpacking trip to Australia. Keeping them safe and ensuring that they are valid for the duration of your trip is essential!

Your passport is particularly important because as well as using it to enter Australia you will need it at every stage of your trip (i.e, booking accommodation, opening/activating your Australian bank account, identification for working in Australia, etc...).

Your Passport matters - Passport Validity

Your current passport should be up to date and have plenty of pages left for stamps and other visas (especially if you're on a world tour or continuing on elsewhere after Australia).

Keeping it in a safe location is obviously important. One worthy investment is a money belt, not just for your passport but all your valuable items (see section Carrying Cash Safely While Backpacking Around Australia).

A scanned copy of your current passport will be helpful too. If you ever have to get a replacement, the details of your passport will be required by the consulate for them to issue a new one (more in a moment).

Keep your passport up to date!

One of the requirements the Australian government makes clear is that your passport has to be valid throughout the entire time you're in the country. That is, your passport has to still be valid after your visa has expired and/or you have physically left the country.

A lot of people will be going on to other countries after Australia, so make sure your passport will be valid for the entire duration of your trip including an extra period of 12 months before your passport needs to be renewed.

It should be mentioned here that a lot of other countries around the world also require you to have a certain amount of time left before your passport expires to allow entry into the country.

Also, people on a working holiday visa might apply for a second working holiday visa which allows you to spend another year in Australia and your passport will need to be valid for that period aswell.

If your passport has only a few years left on it before it expires, consider getting a new passport before you travel so you will have a good amount of time left to use it.

Even if you're allowed access and can renew your passport when you get there, getting a replacement in a foreign country can be time consuming and costly.
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