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Getting Around Australia - Backpackers Guide

In some cities when you buy a public transport ticket (i.e train, bus, tram, ferry) regardless of the service on you buy it on, it allows you to travel on all public services for the length of time the ticket is valid.

For example, you could buy a day ticket and take the train into the city and use the same ticket to take the bus to get around the city, and so on.

It's ideal when you know you will be travelling around a lot, you can purchase a day ticket and get around relatively inexpensively on all services, all day. These cities include Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

There are even public transport services which are free, like the Central Area Transit (C.A.T) buses in Perth or the free tram city circle service in Melbourne.

There is also the Sunday Saver ticket option which again applies to certain areas in Australia which you can buy (on a Sunday) for around $3.90AUD which is valid for the whole day. So it really does pay to do your research and find out about the services available wherever you go.

Ticket prices will depend on age, distance, concession, single/return/day/weekly fair options and class. Concession is a discounted rate for students and senior citizens so if you're in Australia engaging in some sort of studies, be sure to take full advantage of concession rates.

Whenever you use public transport, keep your time tables up to date and if you haven't booked your tickets in advance, be sure to have the correct amount of money for the fare. Although this may seem obvious most ticket machines will only accept coins and a bus driver is unlikely to accept a $50 note.

Links to time tables, route maps, fares and other information are provided in each section. Other ways to find this information would include visiting the local information centres (in town), phoning service providers, visiting a ticket office and searching the web.

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