Ferry Services in Australia (A Backpackers Guide)

Ferry Services in Australia - Backpackers Guide

When you are backpacking around Australia you will find lots of ferries dotted all over the country. There are river boats/ferries like the Sydney City Ferries which cross the Parramatta River or the Brisbane CityCat service which stops off at various wharfs along the brisbane river.

Other ferries in Australia take vehicles across small river crossing points like the Daintree River Ferry which provides access to the Cape Tribulation area.

There are also the ferries like the Spirit of Tasmania which crosses the Bass straits over night from Melbourne to Tasmania.

If you need information for services not listed here, do a Google Search for 'ferry services' followed by your 'location' (i.e, ferry services melbourne).

Alternatively if you're in Australia you can visit a ticket office or the local information centre/kiosk and get the information from them.

Spirit of Tasmania - Melbourne to Devonport

The Spirit of Tasmania is a major ferry service which goes from Melbourne (Australian mainland) to Devonport (Tasmaina) every night across the Bass Straits.

The ship has a few bars, a restaurant and lots of space to sit around. You can go outside onto the deck if you're a smoker or want some fresh air.

The accommodation ranges from ocean view recliner chairs (similar to flight seats but bigger and more comfortable) through to luxury cabins with beds and bathrooms.

If you're on a road trip you can take a vehicle with you which is stored in the bottom section of the ship until you reach your destination the next day. More information, time tables and fares can be found at the Spirit of Tasmania website.

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