Driving in Australia (A Backpackers Guide)

Backpackers Guide to Driving in Australia

Above all methods of transport, driving in Australia will easily provide you with the most freedom. Having your own vehicle you can go anywhere, at any time without the hassle of public transport or having to compromise on any of your arrangements.

If you intend to work, by having a vehicle you're already more employable because you can get to places where access by bus or other transport may not be possible.

You can also team up with some backpacking companions to share the journey and the running costs that go with it. Even if you don't intend to drive the entire time, a road trip through the outback or along one of the coastlines can be a brilliant experience to include in your holiday.

If it's a campervan you choose, you can obviously cut out the cost of accommodation and use it as your mobile home (even with a car you can sleep in it or buy a tent to throw down when you're outside of the cities).

When travelling in numbers, hiring a campervan can be very cost effective and there are plenty of companies who provide these services with the ability to book in advance so you can calculate The Backpackers Budget For Australia more accurately.

The other option is purchasing your own vehicle which can work out even cheaper with the advantage that you have it for the entirety of your trip (or at least for as long as you wish to keep it).

Another bonus of having your own vehicle is that after you have finished your adventure you can sell it and get some money back for the next phase.

For those on a short term tourist visa this may not be the most viable option but if you have a Working Holiday Visa or are staying for longer periods it can often be the most cost effective way.

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