Airport Considerations & Flights Guide for Backpacking around Australia

Airport Considerations & Flights Guide for Australia

The best place to book a flight to Australia is online. You will get the most competitive rates online, but you can go directly into a travel agents and compare prices that way.

Unless you have booked your flights months in advance, the dates you choose will make all the difference to the price! If you can afford to be flexible, make sure you check the prices a few days either side of your original date to have a chance of getting a better deal.

When making your bookings, try to coincide it with the availability of transport to get you to the airport on time (i.e, when you know buses will be active, or trains are running).

Your arrival time is equally important, you need to guarantee availability of transport to the hostel and that the reception will still be open when you arrive (see section Hostels in Australia - Hostel Life of the Backpacker). When you're booking your flights to Australia, it's always best to arrive in the daytime.

Shuttle bus services can almost always be arranged to take you to and from the airport for a lot less than the price of a taxi (see section Bus Services in Australia - Backpackers Guide).

If you're leaving the hostel (i.e, going somewhere new), make sure your flight departure time is after the hostel reception has been opened. This way you can return your key and get any deposits back before you leave. In some cases (on weekends) hostel staff aren't available until after 11AM!

For taller people who want more leg room, a seat next to one of the safety exits is the best place on the plane. When you arrive at the airport terminal ask the check-in attendant for a seat next to one of the exits.

Make sure you arrive early for a better chance of getting your seat (for some people flights to Australia can be as long as 25 hours or more!).
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