The Bush - Life in the Outback Wild & Travel Safety

Travel Safety Tips For Backpacking Around Australia - Part 5
Travel Safety for Backpackers in Australia

Many people are drawn to the bush because it's a quiet, naturally beautiful landscape and is home to a rich diversity of wildlife. Adequate provisions and the incorporation of a contingency plan are important for anyone travelling through the outback as is the research of the terrain, weather patterns and wildlife.

  • Always leave a copy of your intended route, journey times and checkpoint arrival dates with your appointed person (don't forget to contact them as soon as you get there).

  • Make sure you have access to adequate amounts of water at least 2.5L per person, per day to drink (possibly an extra litre or two per day for cooking and even more for personal hygene). If you're hiking/walking in the outback the water you need will be a lot more (anything upto 10L per person per day). Be safe and do all your research before you go.

  • Avoid walking on wet rocks! They are very slippery and if near even just a few inches of water could be potentially fatal.

  • Always make sure your camp fire is completely extinguished before you leave it. Pay attention to the fire ratings (signs you see around wooded areas which rate the possibility of embers catching alite) and make sure you're allowed to light fires in that area. Don't light fires on peat.

  • Don't leave valuables on show inside your vehicle when you visit the national parks, keep them out of sight at all times.

  • Anyone staying for extended periods in the bush should hire an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (E.P.I.R.B).

  • Don't move or displace things unnecessarily, big rocks, hollow trunks anything which could be the home of local wildlife. "Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints".

  • Always be on the look out for a suitable camping ground and be sure to pitch camp in plenty of time before dusk.

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