Preparation Summary for your appointed person for Backpacking in Australia

Appointed Person & Help from Home (for Backpackers in Australia) - Part 6
Backpacking Australia - Appointed Person - Help from home

Remember that organisation is the key! The more you can do before you go, the more enjoyable and hassle free your trip will be.

Here we have a brief summary of tasks that your appointed person may have to carry out. As you read through, consider how each one effects you and what you can do the make your life easier when you're in Australia.

  • Funds Transfer - When you need money sent out to you, your appointed person will be the one to do it. For the transaction to come from your own account you will need to give them authorisation (power of attorney) and provide them with the necessary security information that goes with it (see Money Management Tips For Backpacking In Australia).

  • Travel Insurance - Leave a copy of the policy details with your appointed person and make sure the insurance company has them on the system as your liaison. If anything does happen out there, your appointed person will be dealing with the insurance company for you (see section A Backpacker's Travel Insurance Guide for backpacking Australia - PART 1).

  • Important Documents - It's always sensible to make backup copies of any documents relative to your trip for your appointed person to keep safe. Your appointed person might have to send replacements out for you in case they get lost or damaged (see Important Documents for Backpacking Around Australia).

  • Communication - Where? When? How? You need to keep in touch on a regular basis. This applies to your appointed person just as much as it does you. Your appointed person needs to keep you up to speed on everything going on at home and likewise you must make sure they are informed of your status (see section Staying In Touch - Communications For Backpacking Around Australia).

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