Creating an Organiser Folder for your Appointed Person

Appointed Person & Help from Home (for Backpackers in Australia) - Part 4
Backpacking Australia - Appointed Person - Help from home

So the idea is to create a folder which contains any and all information your appointed person will need to act independently.

As you go through all the details and tasks with your appointed person, make sure they have instructions to follow for when they have to work alone.

For example, if you're showing them how to use an online account (or something similar) take them step by step through the process and have them make their own notes and 'how to' guides. A test run on each task could also be a good idea so you can be sure they will be capable of getting things done by themselves.

The folder will need to be continually updated by your appointed person as your time in Australia continues. This means any new statements which come through in the post or paper work related to the information contained in your folder will need to be organised and stored for future reference.

When you have put everything together, take the time to sit down with your appointed person and go through the folder so they fully understand everything it contains and may refer to it with ease when you need them to.

It may also be a good idea to have all your bank statements, invoices or relevant paper work sent to your appointed person's address. That way they can (with your permission) open your letters and organise them accordingly for you as and when it comes in.
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