When can I claim my Backpacking Superannuation Money and How do I do it?

Australian Superannuation Funds Explained! for Backpacking in Australia - Part 3
Australian Superannuation Funds Explained

You can claim your superannuation money back once you have...

  • Left the Australian work force permanently

  • Left the country and your visa has expired

So after you have left the country (or workforce) and your visa has expired, you can make a claim to get your funds paid back.

This is HUUUGE!!! Something they don't tell you is... Your claim should be made at the soonest possible opportunity because each day the super fund goes unclaimed it decreases in value!! So get in there quick and claim back what is rightfully yours!

Can I get help claiming my Superannuation Fund money back?

Yes! Thankfully there are a number of companies who will help you claim your superannuation money back and take the hassle out of tracking down the funds for you. The people over at Taxback.com are quick, helpful and take a modest fee for their services.

If you didn't already know, you can also claim your tax back from working in Australia when you leave!!! The people at Taxback.com can help you claim your tax too, yippeee!!!

A list of common Superannuation Companies used in Australia

You can find a full list of superannuation companies here.

  • AMP Superannuation

  • Emplus

  • Suncorp

  • Prime Super

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