What kind of work will I be doing? (Backpacking jobs in Australia)

Employment In Australia & Finding Work (Backpackers Guide) - Part 3
Working in Australia for backpackers

If you're backpacking around Australia on a working holiday visa, the majority of the work you will pick up is going to be casual work (i.e fruit picking, bar work, laboring, temping etc...).

For backpackers in Australia, the recruitment agencies are going to be very helpful indeed when you are looking for work (read the Recruitment Agencies In Australia - Finding Work Fast - Backpackers Guide article).

You can find recruitment agencies all over Australia and you can use them to get work fast. Some recruitment agencies have offices in alomst every major town/city which is helpful because you will only need to sign up once and when you arrive somewhere new, you can call them and get work straight away.

If you're on your first Working Holiday Visa and you're looking to extend your stay for another year read the Working Holiday Visa Extension section. If you're able to fulfil the necessary criteria, it's a good way to earn money and gain another year in Australia at the same time.

If you're thinking of staying in one place for a longer period of time, you may wish to develop your career and/or get a more permanent job. A professional would do well in this type of situation especially if you have skills which are in demand (learn about the Australian skilled visa requirements).

To find out if you have any of the skills in demand there is a list called the Skilled Occupations List which shows the professions that are in high demand by the Australian Government. Sponsorship is sometimes available to the right candidate and is something to consider if you wish to emigrate to Australia.

Training Courses for Employment in Australia

There are some types of work which require you to take a short training course before you start. On these courses you will be able to obtain the necessary qualification like the R.S.A certificate (responsible serving of alcohol) or the 'bluecard' (construction site health & safety) which are needed to do certain types of work in Australia.

If you're qualified or know specifically what type of work you want to do, it's worth finding out if your job requires a certificate before you start (see section Training Courses for Employment in Australia).

There is also the possibility that your current certificates/qualifications may need to be verified in order to be recognized as a suitable equivalent to the Australian qualification standards.

Whatever you plan to do, if you intend to work, a mobile phone and an email account are an absolute necessity for getting work in Australia (check out the Using Mobile Phones & Australian SIM cards while Backpacking around Australia and E-mail Setup for Backpacking Around Australia articles for more info).
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Employment In Australia Finding Work (Backpackers Guide)

If you're on a working holiday visa, finding work while backpacking around Australia is going to help you live comfortably and enjoy all the things you want to do. Even before you go to Australia, there's quite a lot of preparation you can do to maximise your chances of getting work quickly when you arrive and earning a fairly continuous cash flow when you need it.

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Training Courses for Employment in Australia

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