Making International Calls from Australia (Backpackers Guide)

Making International Calls From Australia - Backpackers Guide

To make calls to international numbers from Australia it helps to understand the different dialing codes required to connect your call. It works by splitting the world into zones (large and small) which are each represented by a series of numbers.

From the largest to the smallest zones the dialing codes go from the international dial out codes, country codes, the area codes and then the local numbers.

It can seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite simple (see example below).

How do you make international calls from Australia?

The 00 11 code is required to make international calls from Australia. For example if you wanted to make a call to Manchester in England and you had the area code (0161) and the local number 123456. To make this call you would dial the international access code which is 00 11 followed by the country code which for the U.K is 44.

Next will be the area code but with one important difference, you enter the area code (which for Manchester is 0161) but you loose the first zero so it will be 161 instead. The last number to dial is the local number and the connection is complete. The example dialing sequence would look like this...

00 11
(International Call)
(Country Code)
(Area Code)
(Local Number)
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