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Headed to Australia alone? Have a spare seat in your campervan? Split the costs and share the adventure.
Need a car to tour Australia? Have something you no longer need? Buy, sell, exchange in the Trading Post.
Find work to fund the next part of your adventure on the Jobs Board.
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Thinking about backpacking around Australia? The travel library is a huge online repository of information dedicated specifically to people backpacking around Australia. A wide range of subjects are covered, everything you need to prepare for your journey down under.

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Give the Jobs Board a try and search for a job to suit you. If you are a member with OzUltra you can take advantage of the Express Application making applying for work super quick and very easy. Once you have filled out your resume (C.V) you can apply for anything on the jobs board with just one click of a button (see section Jobs Board Overview for more details).

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Have you chosen your Appointed Person yet? Your appointed person will be your eyes, ears, hands and voice while you are away. Their job will be to keep you up to date with any events taking place at home and to help you run things when you set off on your Australia adventure... [read more]

If you are going to be driving in Australia it's worth finding out what you will need to get on the road. Learn about international driving licenses, vehicle registration (rego), motor insurance, roadworthy certificates (R.W.C) and a whole load of other stuff... [read more]

Learn what Superannuation actually is, how it may effect you whilst you're working in Australia and how you can claim it back... [read more]

Planning to visit Australia? The very first thing you should do before anything else is get your visa arranged. Learn more about which visa you're going to need for your type of trip and how to apply for it... [read more]

If you are going to Australia it's always a good idea to learn how to make international calls so you can contact the people back home. Learn about international phone cards and how to make calls internationally... [read more]

Looking for a vehicle to get around Australia in? Want to sell a few things you don't need anymore? If you need to get some gear for your trip check out the Ads in the Trading Post first. Advertise for free, buy and sell just about anything in the Trading Post.

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Fruit Picking Australia

Share the adventures and split the costs with fellow backpackers who are headed the same way! The Travel Buddy(s) section is for all members who wish to team up and travel with like minded people.

If you have a spare seat in your car or are looking to catch a ride, all you have to do is write a post and find people near you, cutting the cost of travel and making new friends along the way (see section Travel Buddy(s)).

Checkout the Backpacker's Budget section for ideas on how to create a realistic budget for your trip including the price of food, accommodation rates, transport costs, training courses, etc... so you can plan ahead with your budget... [read more]

If you are backpacking around Australia and need to know more about the Tax File Number, learn what a T.F.N actually is, find out how to get one setup and how to claim back your tax when you leave...
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No matter what you are doing, opening a bank account, driving in Australia or looking for work you will need to know which documents to take with you and how to back them up incase they get lost. Get the heads up before you go in the Important Documents section... [read more]

Looking to score some work in Australia? Read about Employment in Australia and learn how to maximise your chances of earning money as you travel. Also see how to take advantage of Australia's Recruitment Agencies for finding a job wherever you are... [read more]